Bienvenida persona de valor

Hello there my name is Teniola and I am really delighted to have you here on this tiny little domain of mine.
So, I’m a writer, poet, diarist and a spoken word poetry artiste. I’m a also daydreamer I love bringing my imaginations to life that’s why I write.
I love reading, writing, doing karaoke, listening to music but most importantly I love mediating, I love listening to people and seeing from their point of view, I’m a good listener and I love handing out advice too.

I am also into freelance writing and movie script writing. This website is mainly a platform to showcase my works and I promise a thrilling adventure if you stick with me to the end.

Please subscribe your email to this website, your support is seriously needed and would be greatly appreciated 🙏🏾❤️.

  • The Snow Queen’s Mirror
    The glass on it’s other side looks so beautiful in its facade But if only I could beThe flower in it’s beauty doesn’t last foreverBut I wouldn’t mind having it for an hourThe perfect size,Continue reading “The Snow Queen’s Mirror”
  • JOY
    The butterflies in my stomach flutter gaily in the rain, creating a rainbow that makes me smile despite the puddles ahead There is a tingling sensation I feel, it makes my cares and worries holdContinue reading “JOY”
  • Wallflower Diaries
    Wednesday 31st of March 2021 Dear Diary I’ve been really out of my element lately. I’ve been so stressed out. My exams are around the corner and it hasn’t been easy especially since I can’tContinue reading “Wallflower Diaries”
  • Beyond The Foreseen
    The girl with ocean eyesStares at the ocean Each ripple dwindles With the touch of air.Like it’s all for a flairThe ocean in it’s tidal lustreHer eyes determined never to fluster The boy with magicContinue reading “Beyond The Foreseen”
    The sun set in slowly and emitted it’s rays upon the grande castle wherein King Harold sat upon the throne pondering the meaning of his incessant nightmares. He stood up from the throne and strodeContinue reading “PROLOGUE”